Board Member Position Available

Are you interested in conserving the natural resources of northern and eastern San Luis Obispo County? The RCD is looking for a conservation-minded vineyard manager or landowner to fill a vacant position on the Board of Directors. Directors are expected to attend regular Board Meetings and take an active role in the decisions and actions of the Board. If you are interested in filling this position please contact us or submit a letter of interest to 65 South Main Street, Suite 107, Templeton 93465; phone: 805-434-0396 ext. 5.

Inspect Erosion Control BMPs after Rains

Routine inspections of erosion control BMPs are necessary to ensure their integrity and effectiveness. After a rain event, thoroughly inspect the site and perform necessary maintenance activities such as cleaning, repairing, and replacing damaged or clogged BMPs to prepare for the next rain event. For a list of things to look for, use the Erosion Control Inspection Checklist.