Snapshot Day-May 3rd

On the first Saturday in May, volunteers from San Mateo County to San Luis Obispo County participate in the annual “Snapshot Day” Event. Trained volunteers participate in this Sanctuary-wide volunteer water quality monitoring event designed to increase information and public awareness about water quality issues affecting watersheds that drain to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS).

This community event provides a one-day “snapshot” of the health of the rivers and streams that flow into the MBNMS. Temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and conductivity are measured in the field and water samples are collected for laboratory analysis of nutrients and bacteria levels. The volunteers collecting this valuable information play a key role in our community as stewards of our watersheds. The information they provide is used by resource agencies, local governments and community groups to protect and improve the health of our local streams through the 303(d) list among other resources.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact (831) 647-4227

2013-Year In Review

January is usually a time to exhale and ready ourselves for the coming year. Not so this year! The San Luis Obispo County RCDs just completed the compilation of a Countywide Watershed Project for the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. We’ll count backwards from there:

a. IRWM Watershed Project, visit Much of the data compiled throughout this project was used to populate the 2014 SLO county Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.  We hope the interactive maps and numerous data sources help guide you to the watershed data you’re seeking in SLO County!  (Read the full IRWM Report)

b. Alternative Review Projects/Program: 2013 was another busy year issuing agricultural grading permits for our busy, local farmers. The US-LT RCD helped over a dozen farmers with grading projects through ARP in 2013!

c. Ten years of irrigation evaluations! In 2013 we performed 16 discounted irrigation system audits to help local farmers understand their water use and glean efficiencies wherever possible.

d. Stabilized an acre of streambank along the Estrella River at San Miguel, including the removal of toxic weeds, installation of over 1,200 native plants, and erosion control implements.

e. Participated and helped organize multiple local conservation outreach events, including Creek Day, Conservation Celebration, Snapshot Day, Festival of Arts, Erosion Control Short Course (Sustainable Ag Expo) and Atascadero Autumn Festival.


Board Member Position Available

Are you interested in conserving the natural resources of northern and eastern San Luis Obispo County?

One or more vacancies are available on our all-volunteer Board of Directors. If you would like to serve, feel you are qualified, and can carry out the expected duties of a voting member on the US-LT RCD’s Board of Directors; please contact us or submit a letter of interest.  The District is located at: 65 South Main Street, Suite 107, Templeton 93465; phone: 805-434-0396 ext. 5.

Candidates must be registered voters in California and must also:

(1) reside in the district and either own property in the district or have two or more years of experience as an associate director of the RCD, or (2) be a designated agent of a resident landowner in the district.  An individual cannot be both a county supervisor and an RCD director.

Directors are expected to:

(1) attend regular monthly Board Meetings;

(2) take an active role in the decisions and actions of the Board;

(3) assume duties and carry out tasks assigned by the president, including duties associated with membership on committees.

(4) assist other Board members as required.

(5) be familiar with all board programs.

(6) be prepared to serve in one of the board officer positions

(7) file a Statement of Economic Interests Form (Form 700) upon assumption of office, annually and upon leaving office .

Thank you for your interest and our District looks forward to hearing from you soon!