Rangeland Management Workshop-May 26th

On May 26 we hosted a Rangeland Management Workshop.  Experts Karl Striby, Royce Larsen and Mike Bonnheim joined us on the Bonnheim Ranch in Paso Robles. Beau Miller from Dow AgroSciences was also on hand to discuss herbicide trials taking place on the ranch.

Topics includedIMG_8998:

  • Oak Woodland Thinning
  • Control of Invasive Species
  • Prescriptive Burns
  • Rancher Sustainability Self Assessment
  • Livestock Watering Systems



At the end of the day, we asked our participants to tell us what the most valuable part of the day was, and here is what they had to say:

“getting to hear personal experience meant a lot, (I) loved hearing about all the different dynamics of this ranch”

“learning how one cattle rancher manages his ranch with today’s challenges”

“being on site for a workshop and being able to see what is discussed”

As much as possible, we try to host our workshops “in the field/on the farm/on the ranch” and not in a classroom and we are so happy to hear that our participants enjoy the experience!