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People depend on soil, water, air, plants, and animals to survive. These natural resources provide our communities with food, shelter, clothing, economies, and recreation. The Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District (US-LT RCD) provides technical assistance, education and resources to help agricultural, rural and urban communities preserve these natural elements while supporting robust land productivity.

Serving North San Luis Obispo County including portions of Monterey and Kern Counties since 1951, the US-LT RCD is a non-regulatory, not-for-profit organization. The RCD has established an assortment of services and programs to serve the need of every kind of land manager in our region. Farmers, ranchers, and residents rely upon the RCD for entire project navigation – from planning to design, permitting to installation – we provide the continuum of assistance to complete it.

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The US-LT RCD was established in 1951 as a special local district, authorized under Division 9 of the California Public Resources Code. RCDs are political subdivisions of the State of California, set up to be locally governed agencies with their own locally appointed or elected board of directors.

What We Do
RCDs are a leader in on-the-ground conservation efforts. As one of the 98 districts statewide, we are the center of locally led conservation in our community. We accomplish many practical, hands-on conservation projects every year. Often these projects involve agriculture and private land, but we also accomplish much more.
Typical projects include:
  • Water conservation
  • Watershed protection
  • Creek restoration
  • Stream bank restoration
  • Habitat improvement
  • Fish passage
  • Hedgerow plantings
  • Community education
  • Grower workshops
  • Native plantings
  • Creek clean-ups
  • Education of agriculturists on better and new environmental practices particularly around water conservation
  • Classroom visits
  • Technical assistance to agriculturists
  • Watershed Management
RCDs are special districts that are a good example of strong local government. We are responsive and accountable to our communities to promote local conservation goals. Since we do not receive tax payer funding, we bring millions of dollars to local communities through conservation projects funded mainly through grants and private contributions.
We are your partner in local conservation and agriculture.

Contact us: (805) 434-0396 x 5

Visit Us: 65 South Main Street #107, Templeton, CA 93465

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