Healthy Soils Program

Applications are due March 8th, 2019 by 5 pm

Healthy Soils is a funding program which provides funds for the following practices:

Cover Crop
• Mulching
• Residue and Tillage Management – No-Till
• Residue and Tillage Management ? Reduced Till
• Compost Application to Annual Crops
• Compost Application to Perennials, Orchards and Vineyards
• Compost Application to Grassland
• Contour Buffer Strips
• Field Border
• Filter Strip
• Herbaceous Wind Barrier
• Riparian Herbaceous Cover
• Vegetative Barriers
• Hedgerow Planting
• Riparian Forest Buffer
• Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment
• Silvopasture

Click here for more information on the Healthy Soils Program

Click here for an informational brochure on the Healthy Soils Program

Contact Andrew Johnson at (805)536-3175 for more details or to schedule a one-on-one assistance with Healthy Soils.