Our Mission:

To provide services and education to landowners supporting their management and stewardship of soil, water and natural resources.

People depend on soil, water, air, plants, and animals to survive. These natural resources provide our communities with food, shelter, clothing, economies, and recreation. The US-LT RCD provides technical assistance, education and resources to help agricultural, rural and urban communities preserve these natural elements while supporting robust land productivity in greater San Luis Obispo county, plus parts of Kern & Monterey counties.


2017/2018 Annual Report: 2017/2018 Annual Report (pdf)

2016/2017 Annual Report: 2016/2017 Annual Report (pdf)


Project Spotlight

 State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Project-SWEEP
Since 2014, The State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) has provided financial assistance to growers for on-farm improvements that both reduce GHG emissions and save water. San Luis Obispo County Farms have been awarded 51 grants through this California Department of Food and Agriculture program. SLO County ranks 4th in the state in terms of number of grants awarded by county. Currently the US-LT RCD’s role in the program is to verify that the farms have successfully implemented the project. SWEEP has been proven to be effective in reducing water usage, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through rigorous reporting standards and audits. Click here for detailed information about the benefits of SWEEP