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Carbon Farming In California

The Carbon Farming Network (CF Network), composed of 40 resource conservation districts (RCDs) across California’s diverse agroecological landscape and the Carbon Cycle Institute, seeks investment of $9.6 million over three years to build the capacity of its seven (7) Regional Carbon Farming Hubs (Hubs) to:

■ Hire 7 regional hub coordinators to engage at least 1,000 new producers each year through 24 outreach and education events annually to further create demand for carbon farm planning and implementation of regenerative practices at scale.

■ Train and support 40 carbon farm planners to develop 115 new carbon farm plans with an annual estimated GHG reduction benefit of over 1.5 MMT of CO2 e within 20 years.

■ Submit 30 grant proposals to local, state, and federal agricultural conservation programs to fund implementation of carbon farm plans.

■ Develop comprehensive five-year regional plans based on regional needs assessments, landscape-scale carbon sequestration analyses, strategic partnership engagement, producer outreach and education efforts, while leveraging emerging federal, state and local funding for regenerative agriculture and agricultural solutions to climate change.

■ Create regional technical advisory bodies and partner with regional experts to ensure Hubs have the necessary levels of guidance and expertise to address the diversity of producers’ needs and on-farm management knowledge.

Read more about it here:

RCD Regional Carbon Farming Hubs Prospectus.pdf