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Irrigation Evaluations


The RCD performs Irrigation System Evaluations through our Mobile Irrigation Lab (MIL). The MIL follows procedures set forth by Cal Poly’s Irrigation Training and Research Center to calculate your system’s distribution uniformity (how evenly water is being applied to your field) and provide a comprehensive, confidential report with recommendations on how to improve your irrigation efficiency. Throughout the  program’s history over 1,000 evaluations have been performed, helping hundreds of land managers save money on irrigation costs.

large landscape sprinklers

Need an evaluation? Contact us to learn about free or cost shared evaluations.  MIL evaluations conducted before and after installation of  water saving practices can assist agricultural producers and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) planning staff with valuable feedback as to how practices are functioning and help agricultural producers “fine tune” their irrigation scheduling.

Here is what one happy client from Cambria had to say about his irrigation evaluation:

“I was impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism shown by RCD staff in evaluating my irrigation system.  Despite many issues, not the least of which was a difficult hillside setting, they put in the hard work to do a complete assessment.”

Contact: Amy Smart by phone (805) 460-7272 ext. 3 or email for more information.