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What We Do

“Your partners in local, productive, and sustainable land management since 1951”

RCDs are a leader in on-the-ground conservation efforts. As one of the 98 districts statewide, we are the center of locally led conservation in our community. We accomplish many practical, hands-on conservation projects every year. Often these projects involve agriculture and private land, but we also accomplish much more.

Typical projects include:

  • Environmental permit coordination
  • Water conservation
  • Native plantings
  • Stream restoration
  • Soil health analysis
  • Conservation planning
  • Watershed protection
  • Creek clean-up
  • Habitat improvement
  • Fish passage
  • Community education
  • Grower workshops
  • Classroom curriculum
  • Technical assistance to landowners and land managers

RCDs are special districts that are a good example of strong local partnerships. Since we do not receive tax payer funding, we bring millions of dollars to local communities through conservation projects funded mainly through grants and private contributions.