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What We Do

“Your partners in local, productive, and sustainable land management since 1951”

Public Resources Code Division 9 established Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) to conserve soil and water, control runoff, prevent and control soil erosion, manage watersheds, protect water quality, and develop water storage and distribution. 

RCDs are special districts of the State of California, set up to be locally governed agencies with their own locally appointed or elected, independent boards of directors.

As one of the 95 districts statewide, we are the center of locally led conservation in our community. We implement many practical, hands-on conservation projects every year on public and private lands, and educate landowners and the general public about resource conservation.  

Typical projects include:

  • Watershed planning and management
  • Water conservation
  • Water quality protection and enhancement
  • Agricultural land conservation
  • Soil and water management on non-agricultural lands
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Wetland conservation
  • Recreational land restoration
  • Irrigation management
  • Conservation education
  • Forest stewardship
  • Fuels management
  • Urban resource conservation

RCDs are public agencies that are a good example of strong local partnerships. RCDs are a vital link between federal, state, and local programs, helping these agencies meet their conservation goals.

Since we do not receive tax payer funding, we rely heavily on competitive grants and other types of fundraising to stay in operation.  


RCD Programs fall under four pillars of service:

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