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Forest Health and Fire Resilience Public Works Plan

The Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District (USLTRCD) developed and adopted a Forest Health and Fire Resilience Public Works Plan (PWP) on October 15, 2021. 

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The goal of the USLTRCD PWP is to meet the need for programmatic permitting for high-priority forest health and fuels management projects to reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire and improve ecological conditions for forests, woodlands, and grasslands within the coastal zone. The PWP provides a planning framework to efficiently review and authorize vegetation management projects within the Program Area over the next ten years using principles, strategies, and best management practices that align fire prevention planning with the protection of coastal resources. 

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Covell Ranch Project Specific Analysis (PSA)

Forested landscapes and ecosystems are undergoing significant change as the climate warms, forest health declines, and altered fire regimes and increased fuel loads lead to more catastrophic wildfires. Covell Ranch is one specific project that will be implemented under this PWP and that is intended to be an integral component of the PWP, pursuant to 14 Cal. Code 23 Regs Section 13358.

View the Covell Ranch Project Specific Analysis by clicking here 

The San Luis Obispo County Community Fire Safe Council in collaboration with CAL FIRE, USLTRCD, the Cambria Community Services District, local landowners, and the community of Cambria, California have identified the Monterey pine (Pinus radiata) forest on Covell Ranch as rare, important forestland in need of restorative management focused on forest health and fire prevention. Building on existing shaded fuel break treatments implemented predominantly along the perimeter of the southwestern portions of the property that form the Wildland Urabn Interface (WUI), this project proposes to increase the health and vigor of the Monterey pine forest by conducting ecologically restorative forest health treatments that increase climate resiliency and biological diversity and reduce the severity of wildfire near the community of Cambria.

California Coastal Commission Public Hearing NoticePSA Public Comment and Responses.pdf