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The US-LT RCD is a self-funded, volunteer based, not-for-profit organization. Tax   deductible donations help sustain its daily safekeeping of our beautiful region, most importantly water and soil. Title 26, section 170(c)(1) of the United States Code, the Internal Revenue Code in combination with Section 9003 of the California Public Resources Code make it clear that individuals and corporations are allowed to deduct donations to RCDs.

Grants and bequests have helped support this organization since 1951. Please contribute to our good work through donations and sponsorship by clicking on the “Donate” button in the sidebar on the right.

Want to know what your dollars will support? Currently, the RCD’s priority projects include:

Water Protection:

  • Stream Team: Educational partnership with volunteer community action groups
  • Low Impact Development promotion and support
  • County Watershed Prioritization Planning
  • Rain Garden Promotion Program

Soil Enhancement:

  • Sustainable Soils & Stewardship Program
  • Livestock and Land Programming, year 2
  • Small Farm – Young Farmer Support Program
  • Sustainable Site Planning & Technical Assistance Program
  • Permit coordination to mobilize landowners in stewardship projects

Awareness in Action:

  • Community Connections visits
  • Workshop series: Erosion Control, Oak Woodlands Management, Water Quality Short Courses