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Soil Resources

Agricultural Management Handbook – intended for use by all agricultural practitioners including landowners, land managers, governmental agencies and local organizations involved in agriculture. The handbook details how Best Management Practices (BMP’s). and properly managed agriculture can provide food, employment, economic vitality, beautiful scenery and sustain our natural resources. One of the strengths of the U.S. Agriculture is the, “willingness of farmers to adopt proven alternatives”, practices that enhance production, improve economic returns and conserve soil, water, energy and biological resources.

Erosion Control Handbook – designed to provide information to planners, developers, engineers and contractors on the proper selection, installation and maintenance of BMPs. The handbook is intended for use during the design and construction of projects that require erosion and sediment controls to protect waters of the state. It also explains meeting various regulatory agencies permit requirements.

Grazing Lands Management – Nacitone – for the Monterey County Water Resources Agency (MCWRA) land within the Nacimiento and San Antonio River Watersheds (Nacitone). The MCWRA operates the Nacimiento and San Antonio Reservoirs for flood control, ground water recharge and to control saltwater intrusion near Monterey Bay. The plan is a part of a comprehensive Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) being drafted for the Nacimiento River Watershed and the San Antonio River Watershed. The IWMP is a community wide planning effort, funded by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and managed by MCWRA. The plan provides guidance for the MCWRA to incorporate Best Management Practices (BMP’s) in order to comply with the goals of the Clean Water Act (1972) by reducing nonpoint pollution entering the water bodies within the Nacimiento and San Antonio watersheds.