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Toad Creek Watershed Stewards

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We are looking for volunteers to participate in our Toad Creek Watershed Stewards Certification Program!  It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out our self-assessment survey to determine whether you qualify!

Program Purpose

The Toad Creek Watershed Stewardship Program is designed to promote awareness about our local watershed and provide landowners and businesses with the necessary information to reduce their footprints. This program asks businesses and individuals to participate in self-assessments to evaluate the water conservation and stormwater mitigation improvements on their property, and the conservation behaviors they practice. Information about each improvement mentioned in the survey is provided in a series of brochures. This information discusses the reasoning behind each potential improvement to allow the individual to determine the best course of action to improve their impact on the watershed.

Once you have completed the self-assessment survey, you will be able to evaluate your strengths in watershed conservation and determine if you qualify as a Toad Creek Watershed Steward.  There will be marketing materials associated with this certification, and the USLTRCD will assist any landowners and business wanting to improve their stewardship practices by offering a limited number of free conservation consultations.

Where is the Toad Creek Watershed?

Toad Creek Watershed Boundary

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You may take the Individual Landowner Self-assessment Survey HERE.

If you are a business within the Toad Creek Watershed, you may take the Business Self-assessment Survey HERE.

Additionally, there is a separate survey for Toad Creek landowners asking about the issues they encounter living along the creek. All landowners are encouraged to complete this quick survey, so we can pinpoint major problem areas along Toad Creek. With this information, the USLTRCD will be able to provide recommendations to the County of priority areas for work along Toad Creek. Click HERE to take the creek-side landowner survey.

Informational Resources

To browse our favorite informational resources on water conservation, click HERE!

Potential Funding Sources

To view potential funding sources for water conservation or creek habitat enhancement projects, click HERE!

Featured Businesses

Congratulations to our FEATURED businesses who are proud Toad Creek Watershed Stewards:

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