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Adelaida Hydrology Study

The County of San Luis Obispo in correspondence with the U.S. Geological Survey will conduct a study on hydrogeological data in the Adelaida area west of Paso Robles. Community members who are interested in or able to provide information on the current and historical condition of the groundwater system in the Adelaida area are invited to attend the community outreach event.


The Upper Salinas - Las Tablas RCD is partnering with County of San Luis Obispo and U.S.G.S. to respond to recent concerns regarding groundwater conditions in the Adelaida area.  The goal of the study is to work collaboratively with local landowners to get feedback on historical and current groundwater conditions, provide informative data, and help guide efforts to assess and analyze the hydrogeology of the Adelaida area.


April 23rd Community Meeting Presentation

Adelaida_Hydro_Community Presentation.11.6.20.FINAL_USGSApproved.pdf